Keys to Business Development Growth with Mo Bunnell and Chris Graham

Mo asks Chris Graham: When was the moment you realized growth was a good thing?

  • As a lawyer, you’re responsible for the whole gamut of the business. The whole process is about connecting and engaging with clients on a deeper level, and Chris realized that he needed a new approach in order to scale.
  • Everybody who is striving to be more has to cut what they are good at, to take a risk at doing something better.
  • Chris had a great relationship with his clients but being limited to a one-to-one impact felt restricting for what he wanted to do so he pivoted from law into private equity. He had to give up what he had been building for 20 years to have an opportunity to make an even greater impact.
  • His experience over the 20 years of growing his law practice gave him a unique perspective into what entrepreneurs can do to grow their business. Taking that experience into the private equity space, along with the confidence of a few key families, helped Chris find success in his new line of work.
  • The transition from one-to-one to one-to-many didn’t happen all at once.
  • Chris started things off by taking a lot of the risk on himself. He bet on himself to make it easier for clients to also bet on him too.
  • When he decided to move into private equity, Chris scaled back his law firm to give himself more bandwidth and started blocking off time to focus on the new project. This gave him the room to build the new company.
  • If you don’t block time, there will always be something to absorb the time you didn’t block for your new venture. You’ll never get off the old ladder if you don’t block off time for the new ladder.



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