Key Business Development Tips with Mo Bunnell and John Tigh

Mo asks John Tigh: If you could record a video for your younger self around business development, what would it say?

  • John would start things off by telling his younger self to be quiet since he wasn’t always the best listener.
  • The other thing he would say is that everything is about growth. Everything is sales related, and it all has to be articulated to get any kind of traction.
  • Listen first, and then find ways to be helpful.
  • John looks for liminal spaces within conversations. He uses pauses to ask for invitations to speak because getting permission is a much more productive way to speak.
  • There is an energy around change, so it’s usually best to try to slow things down and build in pauses to reduce the tension. Pauses and asking for permission can also increase curiosity.
  • In dealing with externalities, reacting is not always the most effective way forward. Stopping and saying, “that’s interesting, tell me more” gives you space to respond instead.
  • It’s okay to ask someone to restate the question. Being vulnerable shows that you actually care about what’s being said and what the other person is trying to communicate.



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