Keeping Your BD in Shape

By Mo Bunnell

Hi, this is Mo Bunnell, your business development expert and author of the Snowball System: How to Win More Business and Turn Clients into Raving Fans. I've been searching for years for the perfect metaphor for business development. What is it like for people starting out? What should they have in their mind as what this business development thing is like?

And I finally think I found it in this video. I'm gonna share what that is. And at the end of this video, I'm gonna share the measurements. Both in the metaphorical version of business development, the real one to keep myself on track. Here it is. Business development is like staying in shape and here are three reasons why. Number one, you have to do something all the time consistently to stay in shape.

Business development is just like that.  Just like you can't work out a lot over a weekend and do nothing for two weeks and be in shape, The same thing is true in business. You can't do a lot in one day and nothing for the rest of the month. You've gotta be doing stuff consistently all the time. The second thing is that you can easily hit plateaus when you're working out.

It's so easy to sort of keep going on the same runs or doing the same lifts or the same workouts, or whatever it is you do. You enjoy it. It becomes routine in its habit. Same with business development. You've gotta pull up every once in a while and think about, are the things you're doing the most important now versus when you started them? Those habits a few months ago or a few years ago, and you've gotta reevaluate so that you can get off one plateau, shake things up and get to the next. Just like fitness as is for business development.

The third thing. You have to measure to be in really great shape. You gotta be measuring stuff. You've gotta be measuring your hard work, heart rate, your number of workouts, your lifts, your strength, training, your times in a certain route of running, whatever it is. Great athletes measure lots of things. Even amateur athletes need to measure some things.

The same is true of business development. Whatever you think the activities are that correlates to your success, measure them. Here's what I promised at the end of this video. Here are the measures I've found, worked best for me, for both sides, for fitness. I've probably tried half a dozen things. The thing that works for me is measuring the number of minutes per month that I do high intensity training.

I tried to hit around 800. I found that if I had 800 minutes a month where my heart rate is spiking at some points above 150 beats per, I'm getting in better shape a lot more minutes than 89. I'm getting really better shape a lot less. And I'm declining in my fitness. So that's really important measure I've found works better than any other.

When it comes to business development, the biggest measure I've seen correlate to my success is that is picking three MITs, most important things that I'm gonna do next week. Are all about business development. That might be the scariest things in my mind, but I'm gonna hold myself accountable to those.

And if I do those things consistently, I will have success. Last year, I just calculated it. I got 95% of my three MITs per week done. When I first started out years and years ago, that first quarter, I'll never forget. I got about 67% done. That was way too low. But now I'm in a routine where I'm picking the hardest thing, the most impactful things, the most valuable things.

And I am doing those consistently and the results take care of themselves. So that's wrapping up this video and that it's helpful. I think, to have a metaphor and idea or something in your mind for what business development is. And I think staying in shape or fitness is a great one. If you found value from this video, please share it.

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