John Tigh on Growth – Time To Get Great At Business Development

Mo asks John Tigh: Tell me of the moment that you realized growth is great.

  • Eleven years ago, John was bit by a radioactive statement of work and has since gained the superpower of bringing in business.
  • Being a consultant is all about having one foot in the work and the other in finding the next gig. John considers himself a relationship person rather than a salesperson.
  • The better you can cultivate relationships, the more likely it is that you will have a chance to be of service to those people in the future.
  • Business development is a heart and people centered sport. For John, if he can be of service to someone, that really energizes him.
  • In the first meeting, John is looking for disturbances in the force. John is on the lookout for something that the other person hesitates about or expresses disappointment in a particular area. Those are places to dig deeper.
  • Mission, Vision, and Values should apply at all levels of the organization. At the top of the enterprise, within the work group, and at the level of the individual. Where the gaps are is where John can help the most so that’s where he focuses his effort.
  • John is looking for moments of clarity and polarization. Whether you’re selling ideas, products, or services, asking how you might be able to get it done together gets buy-in and accelerates momentum.
  • John is a collector of interesting people. You can’t talk heart-centered without being empathetic, and you can’t get into someone else’s shoes without being curious about them. John believes in connecting others. By giving away information of value, he generates reciprocity in the future.
  • John goes out of his way to connect awesome people with other awesome people because it makes everything about those relationships better.
  • By connecting people, you can generate potentially dozens of interactions.



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