Tim Grahl How to Tell Great Stories to Grow Your Business with Mo Bunnell

One of the top skills that people need to learn in business is how to tell great stories. In this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue, I have one of the world’s experts on this topic, Tim Grahl. He has one foot in deep expertise and one foot in building a book of business, just like all of you so he is the perfect person to talk to. He’s diving into the details of what types of stories you need and how to fine-tune them so you can use them to grow your business.

Topics We Cover in This Episode:

  • Helping people feel like the hero in their own story
  • The types of stories you need to have ready to use
  • Overcoming objections with a story
  • The power of a professional origin story
  • The five commandments of storytelling
  • Tips for fine-tuning your stories
  • Bringing emotion into your stories
  • The importance of knowing your wrong
  • How Tim stays on track

Having a professional origin story, a testimonial story, and a story for overcoming objections is so powerful when it comes to growing your business. I hope these tips today from Tim will help you prepare some stories that you can use to grow your business and your career.

If you are interested in writing better stories, you can get a free copy of Story Grid 101 at storygrid101.com. You can also visit storygrid.com/books to check out Tim’s books.

Resources Mentioned:

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