How to Leverage Strategic Thinking for Maximum Success At Any Level with Strategy Pro Rich Horwath

By Alexa Ward

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Let’s talk strategy! In this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue, I sat down with Rich Horwath, strategy expert and author of the book Strategic. Rich has a unique approach to strategy and he is going to explain the three big layers of how it works to help us learn how to use strategy for increased growth and success. Whether you realize it or not, everything you do is either tactical or strategic. How we're using our time, our talent, and any budget day in and day out is going to dictate the real strategy that we have, no matter what we might think. Rich is here to show us how to leverage strategic thinking for maximum success.


Topics We Cover in This Episode:


What dictates our real strategy

What strategy is and what it is not

Best practices of differentiating yourself with a strategy that’s unique to us

How to break free of caution and practice strategic risk-taking

The power of investing time in thinking about our future state

The three C’s of strategically shifting our focus and offers

Why we need to focus on value creation and delivery

The three A framework to think more strategically on a daily basis

Why excellence is a deviation from the norm

What people need to know about leadership fitness and mental toughness

How to increase organizational fitness

The number one thing you should focus on with communication fitness


Remember, strategy is not only done at the CEO or leadership level. Anyone can start implementing strategy into your relationships, brand, and book of business at any level.


If you loved learning how you can become more strategic, I highly recommend you check out Rich’s book. You can also check out his free resources and graphic novel!


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