GrowBIG Playbook: How To Lead People, Teams And … Your Business To New Heights

How To Think About Leadership

This month’s interviews really got me leaning into leadership.

​Just a few insights:

The difference between an audience and a community is how the chairs face.

​I got this from Polina Pompliano’s excellent book Hidden Genius. Our interview was amazing, and that quote has stuck with me since she said it.

​Great leaders get everyone involved. Everyone is looking at and helping each other, building community and culture.

​One of the things we teach in GrowBIG Leader Training is the idea of everyone coaching each other. I won’t go through the math build-up here, but in Leader Training, we map out how you can get 100x coaching conversations when a team coaches each other compared with only the leader coaching. Scale!

​How can you get more people helping and coaching each other to succeed?

The best leaders are expert leaders.

​I ran across Amanda Goodall’s research years ago, and it’s a part of GrowBIG Leader Training.

​It was SO COOL I got to interview her about her first book, Credible: The Power Of Expert Leaders.

​She’s amazing!

​In the interview, we cover her research on what highly technical leaders do to foster engagement and elevate their teams to higher performance levels.

​And, of course, this is the only place you’ll find her insights applied to advisors like you!

​Great quote from her: The standard bearer sets the standard.

​What can you do to model the behavior you want?

​One more…

A leader only does three things.


​This is from my interview with Trey Taylor, based on his excellent book A CEO Only Does Three Things.


​Trey might seriously be the best interview I’ve ever done. I’m almost afraid to look at myself in the video interview because I was hanging off every word he said. Intellectually drooling.

So many insights.

​The three things?

​Culture. People. Numbers.

​In the interview he describes each in great detail, giving practical tips to improve each.

​My personal evaluation of my own leadership skills got chopped in half after talking with Trey, and I mean that in a great way.

I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

Check it out and see if you agree.

​What can you do next to move one of the three?

​Much more below including a cocktail recipe, my favorite book of the last year, a permanent hammock and more…

What Great CEOs & Leaders Do

Cool news: we’re partnering with the fine folks at the relationship-management app Cove to create some gratis relationship training. Really proud of how it’s coming together.
​You can check out the Covve insights page, featuring a five-part masterclass series on creating reliable and resourceful network that can boost your business, HERE.

Episode 1 gives practical insights to enhance your business growth through meaningful relationships.

You can learn more about the Covve app HERE.

Real Artists (And Advisors) Don’t Starve!

SUPER interview with best-selling author and friend Jeff Goins. If nothing else, check out the first 10 minutes of this one as Jeff describes the secret commercial success of Michelangelo.

We discuss how to think about your fees, talk about money, and more. So good!

Discover Your Hidden Genius with Polina Pompliano

​I usually don’t get into biographies, but Polina has put together the most interesting bio book I’ve ever read. I just loved it.
​She researched the strengths of 100sof high performers, then wove their stories into a book based on the themes she saw.

​Fast-paced and highly entertaining, we applied her learnings to your focus on growing relationships and a book of business. Highly recommend!

How To Be An Expert Leader

​Amanda Goodall’s interview blends intellect and insights…and she’s a hoot!

​Watch this one if you want to improve your leadership skills…we focused on team and client leadership, so there’s something for everyone.

What Great CEOs & Leaders Do

Trey Taylor rocked my world.

It’s hard to remember an interview that I hung on every word. Intellectual drooling.

Enough said–you have to check this one out. Be sure to stick around until the end because Trey’s final story pulls everything together…

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