How to Introduce Cliffhangers that Leave Your Prospects Excited for More

By Mo Bunnell

Today we’re talking about how to break up information into digestible and attractive portions, and how to deliver those portions in ways that intrigue and excite your prospects. The best way to gain that momentum and anticipation in your business development meetings is to end the meeting with a cliffhanger.

There a few different kinds of cliffhangers you can utilize in this way, and that’s what I’ll be covering in this episode:

  1. Ask for more data to analyze with the intention to share results during the next meeting
  2. Introduce an idea about process improvement or timeline as a next step
  3. Suggest an introduction to somebody who has experience in the area of discussion
  4. Suggest setting up a tailored brainstorming session

As you listen to the ways you can use each of these cliffhangers to your advantage, you’ll realize how many opportunities there really are to entice your client and get them excited for their next meeting with you.

It’s okay to spread your agenda out over multiple meetings instead of crowding every topic into a single appointment. Keep your clients engaged and ready to take next steps with you!

I am looking forward to diving into this even further on the next episode, so be sure to tune in as we get started in this curiosity series.

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