Thanh Pham How to Increase Your Efficiency and Make the Most of Your Time with Mo Bunnell

By Mo Bunnell

In this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue, I am joined by Thanh Pham, one of the top couple people worldwide universally known for really being great at efficiency, productivity, and getting the most out of your day with a limited amount of time. It can be really tough to get done all of the things that you want to get done in your day, and Thanh is here to help with that.

Topics We Cover in This Episode:

  • How he developed his own methodology for efficiency
  • How happiness leads to productivity
  • The power of prioritizing
  • The benefits of scaling through people
  • Three questions to ask yourself when planning your week
  • Why energy is the most underrated aspect of performance
  • Tips for increasing the amount of sleep you get every night
  • How to focus your attention for a productive day
  • Why productivity is a skill
  • The importance of trust in client relationships

I hope you enjoyed these tips for increasing your productivity. Remember, you don’t have to be born with the ability to be productive. It’s a skill. Everybody can be more organized. Everybody can be more efficient. Everybody can learn this.

If you want to learn more from Thanh, make sure to tune into his podcast The Productivity Show. You can also get his free Ultimate Time Management Guide. 

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