How to Grow Your Network and Be Seen as a Natural Connector with Nick Gray

By Alexa Ward

In this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue, let’s party! I sat down with Nick Gray, who is an expert at throwing parties. He is the author of The 2-Hour Cocktail Party and he’s going to share how we can use cocktail parties to gather potential clients or prospects together before an event and further our business development.

With Nick’s formula, you’ll be seen as a super-connector and a host who truly cares. You’ll be amazed at how it grows your network!

Topics We Cover in This Episode:

- How to use the Nick Party Formula for a successful cocktail party

- How people treat you when you are the one who organizes events

- The power of an abundance mentality

- Why even introverts can be successful at hosting events

- The key number of people you need at your cocktail party

- Why you should be collecting interesting people that you want to know

- Tips for starting with a low-stakes affair

- Platforms and tools to use to organize your event

- How to get people excited about your events

- How to be seen as a host who cares

- How to use value additive questions in your party If you haven’t planned your own party or event for networking before, I hope this episode inspires you to get out there and start planning the perfect cocktail party so you can grow your network and book of business!

If you want to learn more from Nick, make sure to check out his book. You can also visit his website and get his newsletter!


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