How To Grow Your Business By Creating Super Fans With Brittany Hodak

How To Grow Your Business By Creating Super Fans With Brittany Hodak

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Brittany Hodak, the author of Creating Super Fans.

Mo prompted Brittany by asking her why it is important to create experiences that your clients love.

Brittany responded:

“Super is an acronym. It’s a five step framework, and when you hear it at first you might think it’s really simple, and the reality is, that’s by design. It is simple because if you want to create a system or a framework that your team is going to follow. You don’t need to come in with something that looks like a Boeing Dreamliner Owner’s Manuel, and say, “Ok guys this is it! This is how we are running our service culture!” You need something that is simple to understand. Simple to remember, simple to implement, and most importantly, simple to measure and continue to reiterate on. So I call it the SUPER Model because who doesn’t want to say they know a supermodel right? That’s kind of a fun thing to say and do. I say it because it’s also a really helpful mnemonic. If you want to create super fans, if you want to create those customers that love you and come back and tell their friends, being good, isn’t good enough. Being good is how you create apathy. Being good is how you become filler. Being good is how people say, “I’m going to roll the dice and try somebody else next time.” So if you want to create super fans, forget about good. You’ve got to be super.

S: Start with your story

U: Understand your customer’s story

P: Personalize

E: Exceed expectations

R: Repeat

Dive deeper into the conversation with Brittany Hodak here.

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