How To Grow In Omicron

What’s On My Mind


Omicron hit fast.

​Maybe it was the spike in cases and news coverage.

​Maybe it was the impact on travel.

​Maybe it was everyone’s “I know lots of people who have it” stories.

​But one thing is for sure with business development…

This wave impacted people’s mindsets.

​There will still be some holdouts…

​”We’ll be able to travel again soon.”

​”I’ll be able to go to the ___ conference again this spring.”

​”Our team will be getting together for the ___ meeting and I’ll finally be able to connect with my colleagues that bring me into deals.”

​We heard those more and more this week.

​That’s fine, but here’s my message today. I’m going to be really clear.

You have to assume we’ll never be able to travel again…and build your growth plans around that belief.

​Yeah, I’m saying it. Ever.

​Now, do I really believe that?


​But will it help you immensely if you adopt that assumption?


​Assuming we’ll never travel again will force you to do things differently.

It’ll force you to improve your digital BD system. To…

  • Meet the right new people​
  • Deepen your current relationships
  • Create and close the business you want

​We built a free course earlier in the pandemic that covered these exact topics.

​Our clients loved this, and now is the perfect time for a refresher.

​I did this one with David Kirk, who was a senior executive at Passle, one of the top tech companies helping experts create digital content.​


​Here are some quick hits from that course that will help you double down on digital.

  1. Create the digital content your clients want: videos, podcasts, webinars, small, curated peer groups on Zoom … whatever works best for you.
  2. Get the right people to attend or see your valuable insights.​
    This is your digital Give To Get. It’s 1:many. Scalable.​
  3. Offer to connect with people directly, converting the 1:many digital world to 1:1 conversations where you can start adding immense value.​
    This is where the magic happensyour 1:1 personal Give To Get!

​That course gives you all the details.

The course is great on it’s own.

But even better if you get your entire team to go through it together. It will help to have everyone using the same playbook.

One last thought.

You’re in control.

Are you afraid a conference might get canceled?

Create your own mini-conference by inviting a small, targeted group of people to attend a Zoom call to learn and discuss your content.

​Did you have an internal in-person meeting get canceled?

Set up 1:1 virtual meetings with the top five people you wanted to connect with.

Are you unable to travel to that city you wanted to make the rounds?

Think of the content or connections those people would want and offer it virtually.

All of these things can actually take less time and deliver a better result.

It’s hard to recreate the dynamism of big meetings.

​I get it.

​But virtual BD meetings can actually be more efficient…and with a little strategy and energy…be just as fun as in person.

Here’s the thing.

We’re nearly two years into this pandemic.

Our team gets to see who is thriving right now.

​It’s actually really simple.

​When it comes to growing your relationships and book of business…

​There are lots of things better in person.

​But there are lots of things better virtually.

Just do more of things that are better virtually.


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