How To Get Your Flywheel Spinning

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

I lost all my momentum on something last fall.

All of it.

Having your flywheel completely stop on something feels awful.

Luckily, the big things were going great.

​These were amazing accomplishments.


​It didn't feel like all the progress I wanted.

​It's funny how losing momentum in one area can make me feel like I didn't do enough.

​The focus on those areas took all my momentum out of gearing up for Season 2 of Real Relationships, Real Revenue.

​I made it to the Holidays, but was emotionally spent.

​I took 2 weeks off, and realized I needed that time more than any other break I can remember.

What a year.

​We celebrated. We cooked. We played Wingspan.

​And when I came back in early January, I knew I had to get the podcast flywheel going again.

​Getting momentum going is tough.

I felt lucky though.

​I had just done a bunch of research, and created a complimentary course on Business Development Campaigns.

​Time to drink my own champagne!

​BD Campaigns are perfect for getting your flywheel going for a project or your entire book of business.

​They create marketplace momentum.

​They uncover client needs.

​They generate referrals.

​The key tips?

​1) Build a plan, starting with a list of relationships. It's usually important to include clients, prospects and ... strategic partners.

​2) Determine a helpful, personalized outreach strategy for each person using one of the 3 key methods that work. (I explain these in the course.)

​Go slow to go fast.

​3) Execute the overall plan, focusing on one key metric you can control.

​(I tracked my asks for the next step.)

​4) Set daily goals for what you can control. Keep reaching out, divorcing yourself from worrying about a response.

​Keep adding value.

​Keep offering help.

Keep going.

​If you stick with it, the results are phenomenal.

​For me, we now have ~30 amazing guests podcast that have already recorded or getting set to.

​Meeting these people and learning from them has been the highlight of 2021.

​It energizes me so much!

And it wouldn't have happened without a BD Campaign.

The flywheel now?

It's flying on its own.

(You can subscribe to the show here. We launched Season Two with Dorie Clark last Monday!)

What's Worth Revisiting

Want to run your own BD Campaign?

​​Here's the course!

​There's no charge for it -- it's our investment in your success.

​Here's what one person said:

Mo, I think that’s your best one. There’s a certain “vulnerability” and “authenticity” that I saw here; I thought it was a level above your normally clear vulnerability/authenticity. Just sayin'

​(Thanks Chris!)

​This course tells you exactly how you get your flywheel spinning.

​​Click here to get it, and feel free to share it with your team. That'll get everyone using the same playbook.

What's Coming Up

I couldn't be more thrilled with our GrowBIG Accelerator community and all we're learning together.

Amazing insights and energy.

Our topic this month was Business Development Automation--so great!

Next month: we're getting into the details of demand creation.

Have you thought about joining?

It's a no brainer--you can try it for a month without charge.

​I'm going to do a 25-minute overview of our GrowBIG Accelerator at 11 EST on 3/1.

​​Click this link of you'd like to join.

​For now, just hold the time: 11 to 11:25 EST on 3/1.

​I'll personally email you Zoom credentials before the meeting.

What's Making Me Smile

I had a ball recording an interview this week with best-selling author and innovation expert Josh Linkner.

His upcoming book Big Little Breakthroughs sounds SO good!

​He explained a mantra that I really like:

Fall down 7 times, get up 8.

​Perfect when you're thinking about creating momentum with BD Campaigns.

What's Worth Lingering On

Stagnation breeds stagnation.

But momentum creates more momentum.

​Flywheels spin with little effort.

​The trick is getting going.

​How do you start?

Start small.

I'm a fan Drs Seppo Iso-Ahola and Charles Dotson's paper, Psychological Momentum: Why Success Breeds Success.

​From their research, if you want to to create momentum, start small.

Start really small.

​Set the initial bar so low you can step over it.

​Test: does the initial task sound too easy?


That's right where you want to be.

Where in your life has the flywheel slowed?

What can you do in the next minute to get going, in the tiniest of ways?

​Think BIG, start small, scale up!