How to Focus on What’s Important with Mo Bunnell

In a recent episode with Leidy Klotz, we discussed how our brains are wired to add, not subtract. This means that we need prompts to help us figure out what to subtract from our lives for increased success. So in this solo episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue, I am sharing some tips for you on how to focus on the right things and subtract the wrong things.

Topics We Cover in This Episode:

  • How to find your Grow Big Index
  • How understanding your value in the marketplace can help you find what you need to get rid of
  • The two calendar-driven ways to find what to subtract
  • The event-driven ways to subtract
  • How you can keep these three triggers top of mind during your workflow

As Leidy says, to do great things, we need to subtract the less valuable things. Baking these three triggers into your workflow should help you keep this top of mind so you can regularly remove the things that you need to.

If you haven’t already listened to the episode with Leidy Klotz, make sure to do so. It was a fantastic interview and Leidy had so much value to offer. You can tune in here.

Resources Mentioned:

Listen to my conversation with Leidy Klotz

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