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How To Create Radical Change in Your Life in Just One Year with Lisa McCarthy

Did you know that regardless of your industry, life, career stage, or circumstances, you can create meaningful and sometimes radical change, improvement, or growth in just one year? Lisa McCarthy joins me in this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue to dive into how you can make it happen with the Five Power Principles. Her new book FAST FORWARD: 5 Power Principles to Create the Life You Want in Just One Year is made to challenge any limiting beliefs, and she is giving you a proven system to do just that.


Topics We Cover in This Episode:


  • The five principles to create meaningful change
  • An exercise to help you define what extraordinary success looks like for you
  • Why you should commit to outcomes even if you don’t know how to achieve them
  • The power of getting your goals on paper
  • Why you should always write your goals in the past tense
  • Why your mindset matters so much
  • Creating uncomfortable outcomes
  • How to plan the work and work the plan
  • The importance of finding stuff to subtract from your time
  • How to use language of action
  • The science and power of curiosity


We just don’t know how long that we’ve got here, so why not live the life we want? I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Lisa and that it inspires you to set big, audacious goals for yourself!


I really think you should get a copy of her book and take a weekend to read it. Work through her process and watch your life transform!


If you want to learn more about 7 ways to deepen your relationships in five minutes or less, make sure you get a copy of the GrowBIG Playbook.


Resources Mentioned:

Get a copy of Lisa’s book FAST FORWARD: 5 Power Principles to Create the Life You Want in Just One Year

Get a copy of the GrowBIG Playbook

Visit Lisa’s website

Check out the Pseudo Set Framing research

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