How to Confidently Deliver Your Pricing in a Way That Is Compelling for Clients

In this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue, we dive deep into the topic of money. The way you talk about money with your client matters, and it all starts with your mindset. I share tips for how to be confident when delivering your pricing, value anchors and price anchors, how to own your pricing, tips for healthy negotiations, and when to provide options to your clients.

Topics We Cover in This Episode:

  • Auditing how you talk about money
  • Why bad experiences outweigh good experiences
  • The importance of speaking with confidence about money
  • What the value anchor is
  • Why estimates are fine when talking with clients
  • What the price anchor is
  • Setting your price anchor at a rate that will keep you in the game
  • What to think about if you are more expensive
  • Why people want you more if you own your pricing
  • Why it’s a vote of confidence when people think you’re expensive
  • Healthy negotiations.
  • Why everything has to cost something
  • Why exact prices are trusted more
  • When to provide options
  • The power of three when providing options
  • The benefits of providing a good, better, and best option

Many people wilt when it comes to the money conversation, but it’s so important that you’re engaged and confident when you talk about money and how great your work is.

Own your pricing. Get aligned. If you share how great you are and you have high pricing, it all makes sense. It is a wonderful compliment when someone says that you are expensive. That is actually a vote of confidence.

Resources Mentioned:

Read the Baumeister study

Check out Galinsky’s research on price offers as anchors

Check out Conley’s research on pricing

Check out the research on why you should use exact prices

Listen to my conversation with Maria

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