How To Categorize and Store Your Learned Knowledge in a “Second Brain” with Tiago Forte

By Alexa Ward

I have a real treat for you in this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue! I sat down with Tiago Forte, the author of Building a Second Brain, which is one of my favorite books ever. Tiago is here to share more about the absolute superpower of building a “second brain” and how you can use his mnemonics and systems, such as the PARA Method,  to take your business development to the next level. Truly, his methods will help you separate yourself from 95% of other people when building relationships.

Topics We Cover in This Episode:

  • Why building a second brain is such a superpower and how you can build your own
  • The power of having a system for cataloging important information
  • The ability to think once, and then capitalize on it again and again
  • Why anyone can benefit from having a second brain
  • Where to put the information that you capture so that you can maximize its value
  • The key to overcoming information overload
  • How to apply the PARA Method in your business development process
  • The true power of making learning a priority
  • How to separate yourself from 95% of people in business and life
  • Tiago’s favorite apps for creating your second brain
  • The 4 archetypes that will help you find the perfect app for you
  • What you need to know about team knowledge management

I hope you found some value in this episode with Tiago! There is so much power in having a “second brain” to store all of the information that you have gathered throughout your career. It can be really instrumental in standing out in your business development efforts.

If you were as inspired by Tiago as I was and want to learn more, visit his website to check out all of his resources and find the YouTube videos we spoke about. Make sure to also get yourself a copy of Building A Second Brain. I know you won’t regret it!

Resources Mentioned:

Get a copy of Building A Second Brain:

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Check out Tiago’s new book focusing on and going deeper into the PARA method: