Your Growth Guide: How To Achieve Financial Freedom With Tommy Breedlove

Unlocking Financial Freedom: A Mindset Shift With Tommy Breedlove

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Tommy Breedlove, author of Legendary. Tommy has a really unique journey and perspective, and he’s sharing how we can learn to prioritize ourselves first, take control of our life and time, become laser-focused on what matters, and become legendary.


Mo prompted Tommy with a question about financial freedom and asked him what his preferred mindset is about money.


Tommy responded:

“I am not the traditionalist. There are people out there like Dave Ramsey who do a good job of helping people understand blocking and tackling and the basics of money. Money is both a mindset and an attitude, as well as a skill.

So if you feel like a victim or you’re entitled to this or money’s only for those people… that mindset is a false narrative that you are being taught. Probably by your parents or the people that you hang around, the neighborhood you come from, and just stuff that you input into your eyes, ears, and soul your whole life is what’s coming out.

The truth is there is enough money for everyone. With the right tools, right intentions, right readings, right affirmations, right realizations. You can rewire yourself. “There’s not enough,” “I’ll never be successful,” “I’ll never be wealthy,” “I’ll never be rich.” That was me. It changed to, “I can get whatever I want,” “I am the maker of my success…” You’ve got to rewire your heart and mind. That’s why 99% of all lottery winners go broke; they don’t have the mindset, and they don’t understand the tools.

You have to understand the basics of blocking and tackling, which are not told… You have to teach yourselves the skills. It starts basic with debt management, savings, investing, cash flow, how to make an impact, and how to start building wealth. That’s just basic blocking and tackling.

Then, as you grow, surrounding yourself with people who want to be successful, surrounding yourself with people who have a money mindset or want to have a money mindset, that’s key. First, you have to rewire your heart, mind, and soul. You have to learn the basics of blocking and tackling.

There’s a whole lot of podcasts and simple books. There’s so much information out there for you to learn. I’m telling you, if you’re one of those people who says, “Money’s not important,” you’re going to be broke. If you hang out with broke people, you are going to be broke. If you are hanging out with angry judgmental people who are broke, you are also going to be an angry judgmental person who is broke.

I want you to treat mediocracy, entitlement, laziness, and apathy like the terminal diseases they are, and don’t allow them into your life, and surround yourself with people who are going in the same direction you are.”

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Money is not just a skill; it’s a mindset and attitude that can be reshaped through the right tools, intentions, and affirmations, challenging the false narratives many people carry about wealth and success. How do you think your beliefs about money have influenced your financial situation and the company you keep?


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