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I had the pleasure of interviewing Tyler Sweatt,

Mo prompted Tyler with a question about when he realized the importance of business development in his life.

Tyler responded:

“When I transitioned of the military, I admittedly had no idea what I wanted to do professionally. I had been conditioned at college that, “Hey you should go get an MBA.” I grew up an hour and a half outside New York City. Everyone wanted to get into finance or investment banking, but the market had collapsed while I was in the military. All of my preconceptions about what I was going to do when I got out had sort of changed. So, I went as middle of the road as humanly possibly and joined a consulting firm. What I realized conceptually is that in an organization, at its core, there are two functions. There’s value creation and value protection. You have to figure out, where you want to be. One side or the other. Can you move back and forth? Sure, but from a career path standpoint, I think that holds pretty true. I realized the easiest way to move up as a young guy at a big consulting firm, was to start figuring out those value levers. How are people making decisions and how are they making investment decisions? That was the easiest thing for me to correlate to the military, how to build relationships and how to establish trust.

Dive deeper into the conversation with Tyler Sweatt here.

You have to figure out which one you need to focus on from a career standpoint. Tyler started thinking about how to build relationships and establish trust since that was the fastest way to grow.

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