GrowBIG Playbook: How Hard Should You Try?

What’s On My Mind

I get this question a lot

Mo, how hard should I try?

The question comes up in many contexts.

Big things like…

  • RFP responses.
  • Or formal pitches.

Smaller things like…

  • Writing an email.
  • Or preparing for a short BD meeting.

And maybe most importantly, the hardest things in business development and relationship building like…

  • Staying in touch when you’re busy.
  • Or persistently reaching out, offering value as a helpful resource.

Determining your level of effort can be super confusing.

How much effort should something take?

When do you stop?

How much is enough?

Here’s your answer.

One little mantra can guide you.

And it’s actually pretty simple.

Think of your year from now self.


Do what you’ll be proud of.


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