Your Growth Guide: How Art And Science Are Essential For Business Development With Brian Caffarelli

How Art And Science Are Essential For Business Development With Brian Caffarelli

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Brian Caffarelli, partner for strategic talent solutions.

Mo asked Brian:

“What is your personal definition of business development?”

Brian responded:

“I really like this one and it is the art and science of guiding the buyer through their journey to an informed and confident decision. I do think business development is art and science. Everybody that’s good at it understands the science, but just understanding the science, doesn’t make you an artist. There are people that have the ability to be an artist, but without understanding the science, their art might not be sustainable. So, I think it starts with art and science. What are your thoughts on that?”

Mo responded:

“I love that and I think the art, to get practical with the audience, is being able to be fluid in the moment. It’s being able to try new things. It’s being able to test and stretch outside of your comfort zone. To have empathy for the other side and tweak something in the moment because you’re sensing they’re not fully engaged or they are. The science is, with business development, there’s so much science around why somebody likes somebody else. There are hundreds of studies around that being able to decode it. Why does somebody say yes to one opportunity and not another? You know, there’s science behind that. Turning it on ourselves, how do we hack our own habits to succeed? There’s science behind that. There’s so much to both of those and you’re right, one without the other, you end up astray a little bit.”

Brian responded:

“I couldn’t agree more.”

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Just because you know the science, that doesn’t mean you’ll be great at business development. It’s equal parts the art of empathy and flexibility, and science of habits and communication.

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