Your Growth Guide: How A Relationship Can Turn Into Business With Warren Shiver

How A Relationship Can Turn Into Business With Warren Shiver

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Warren Shiver,

Mo asked Warren:

“Can you tell me of a business development story, that you had personally, that you are really proud of?”

Warren responded:

“The story I thought I would bring for the group today is one that you’ve got some connection to as well. In 2010, I left my day job and started my own sales consultancy. There’s nothing like have to eat your own dog food so to speak. Some people prefer to drink your own champagne. It depends on your point of view. There’s nothing like having your own business development role when you’re an entrepreneur and you have the ultimate quote which is payroll. So we started in 2010, and you know, building on some of the things we talked in the last episode on the protemoi list, the first thing was to work through the protemoi list… So I got an introduction to a guy named Paul Duvall. He was the SVP of sales at Central Garden at the time. They’re about a billion dollar provider of lawn and grass products. You may know Pennington Seed for those of you that have used the pandemic to improve your outdoor living spaces if you have those. Anyways, I met Paul and we had a couple of early conversations and we were a new company and Paul had worked in a prior life for a larger organization, and he had led a sales transformation at this company and he had partnered with a big four consulting firm so he was of course talking with them. Luckily I was introduced fortuitously for me, early on in his kind of buying evaluation process. We had a couple of conversations and you know as we talked about in previous episodes, do some things which we can talk about to build a little bit of trust between the two of us and my emerging very small team that had been created six months ago. Basically that led to a 3 month sales cycle that delivered for us a seven figure engagement which, you know, was a brand new consulting sales training firm was hugely significant and impactful for us and ultimately turned out to be impactful for him and for the client as well.

Dive deeper into the conversation with Warren Shiver here.

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