Having a Business Development Mindset Means Knowing What Motivates a Buyer with Mo Bunnell

By Mo Bunnell

When you’re being sold to, you almost want to run away. You can tell the salesperson has only their best interests in mind, not yours.

We are happy to buy when the reverse is true. When we’re learning and we feel like the other person is helping us discover the option that’s right for us, the experience is wonderful.

When we buy something, we’re important. We are being catered to and we’re learning in the process. It’s like having a birthday experience where you feel like the people you’re interacting with really care.

If you don’t like selling, you need to reframe your perspective. Instead of selling, think that you’re someone that creates wonderful buying experiences that make people feel good.

Flush the idea of selling and focus on the idea of creating a wonderful buying experience. That one mindset shift will change everything.

You are 100% in control of the buying experience. You’re helping people succeed, remember that. The more you do that, the more you will win and the more that people will talk about how great you are to their colleagues.



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