Great BD Leadership Part 2 – Simplicity

Hi, it’s Mo Bunnell, your business development expert author of “The Snowball System”. Hey, this is the second of four videos. I’m taping on leadership from Hong Kong where I’m working with some clients. And this second tip that I see great leaders have is really important. Stick around to the end of the video because I’ll teach you a mantra that I use to keep this tip at mind myself.

Here’s the deal. Great leaders make things. It’s really interesting how people in really high end professional service firms and service based companies and all these ridiculously complex clients that we work with – It’s amazing to me how the best leaders simplify everything. This is a bit counterintuitive because you think in these really complex business, complexity would win.

Everything would be super complex. We have 352 offerings. We’ve gotta come up with all kinds of different ways to talk about them. But what great leaders do is they create simplicity in everything they do. They create simple simplicity in their marketing messages. They create simple simplicity in their compensation schemes.

They create simplicity in how all of their people interact with their clients, so that every choice is simple. Every next step is simple. Everything is obvious and easy to do. They reduce complexity and they increase simplicity. They take things out of the way. The mantra that I try to keep in mind myself, as I do, ‘this is simple’, always wins.

I heard that a couple months ago at a speech that I gave, and the person that went after me said this a couple times and it really stuck with me. Simple always wins. So whenever you’re getting ready to give a talk to others, to communicate with strategic partners, to write an email to a client, to suggest next steps, anything you do… Try to make it as easy as possible. Simple always wins because if you make things simple, there’s a higher likelihood people do the things you need them to do. And there’s a higher likelihood that you’re gonna be able to help others. So that’s the second of four videos in this series. Just keep that mantra in mind. Simple always wins.

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