Going Back In Time, What Mike Duffy Would Say To His Younger Self

By Mo Bunnell

Mo asks Mike Duffy: If you could record a message to your younger self about how they should think about business development, what would it be?

  • Mike’s message would be to essentially to cold call for a couple months right at the beginning to get used to hearing no.
  • He would also tell himself to feed his brain. Read books and consume information that keeps you moving.
  • Treat your profession like a profession. If you treat your profession the same way that a doctor does and invest in continuing education every year to be a better leader and sales person, you will be successful.
  • Mike invests in programs that he’s heard about on podcasts and consumes books referenced in other books that have made an impact on him. You have to invest in yourself if you want to get better.
  • Mike also builds relationships with people that are learning themselves and is curious enough to find out more about them. He’s always thinking about how he can add value to a conversation or relationship, and thinking about the questions that allow him to dig deeper.
  • When you ask questions, you learn. When you learn, you connect dots, and when you do that, everyone gets better and the effect can snowball. Asking the right questions is instrumental to Mike’s ability to grow.

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