Going Back in Time, What Mark Harris Would Say to His Younger Self

Mo asks Mark Harris: If you could record a message around business development for your younger self, what would it say?

  • The first thing Mark would say is that business development is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • The second thing is that the role is a learned skill. People are not born great sales, it’s something you can learn and master.
  • The third thing is to help others when you can. You’ll be happier helping others with their success than you will ever be with your own success.
  • When people first get into sales they often sprint towards their first sale, but when they do that they forget about the long-term marathon of relationship building. When you build relationships on that level, the tiny sprints toward each sale become easier over time.
  • Sales didn’t come naturally to Mark, but when he realized that he was getting better each day that became a big motivation and opened the door to becoming excellent at it.
  • Helping others when you can helps you be happier, which cycles back to building trust and reinforces the first three lessons.



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