Going Back In Time, What Andrew Cogar Would Say To His Younger Self

Mo asks Andrew Cogar: If you could record a video around business development and send it to your younger self, what would it say?

  • Andrew would tell himself two things. Focus on building meaningful, real relationships as early as possible with as many respected peers and people in your industry as you can.
  • The second thing is to figure out what drives you, what you find value in, and what work is meaningful to you.
  • Doing the work early can save you a lot of time and there is no reason you can’t start sooner.
  • Young people often have a hesitation to reach out but there is no downside. More often than not, they can connect you with someone else who can help even if they say no. There really is nothing to lose.
  • There are tons of people out there that want to mentor someone with energy and enthusiasm. Potential mentors want to help high achievers.
  • Start with good questions. The more you can question yourself, the more accurate and insightful answers you will come across. Asking those questions leads to a better dialogue with yourself and the mentors you’re asking for advice from.
  • Journaling is a key practice that Mo wishes he had started earlier. Reviewing your progress once a week is an easy and simple step that keeps you accountable and honest.
  • Having a tool to take a mental inventory of where you want to go and to remind yourself of your big picture goals, it allows you to let go of the small things and stay focused.
  • Write down the relationships you would like to go after.



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