Your Growth Guide: Freeing Our Time To Grow Our Book Of Business With Jenny Blake

Freeing Our Time To Grow Our Book Of Business With Jenny Blake

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Jenny Blake, author of Free Time, where she strategically wrote a book in the language of entrepreneurship for those in business that find themselves struggling to find more free time.

Mo asked Jenny:

“What valuable, big idea, are you focused on now, and how are you seeing it resonates in the market place. Just tell us about your content and what’s sticking.

Jenny responded:

“The reason the book is call Free Time is a little bit of play on words because it kind of signifies what we do in our time off work, but as you pointed out, anybody at any level who’s doing big creative and strategic thinking, I’m using the phrase in a sense of a verb. How do we all get better at building the muscle of freeing our time. So the big idea that I’m really obsessed with at the moment that inspired the book is how do we get better and better at systems thinking and operational efficiency of taking small steps today that will free our time far into the future. This isn’t about, how do we be more productive and manipulate, and micromanage our time… That’s not it. The system’s thinking element is what are things we can put in place, automate, delegate, eliminate, etc., that we do it once, and we see the returns ever after. Something as simple as putting a household product on subscription would achieve that. You put it on subscription once, it arrives at the cadence you need it, and it’s done. Nobody has to think about it again. Not you and not anyone on the team or anyone in your household.

Dive deeper into the conversation with Jenny Blake here.

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