Favorite Business Development Strategy with Linda Klein and Mo Bunnell

Mo asks Linda Klein: What is your favorite science, step, or story from the GrowBIG Training or Snowball System?

  • Linda never wants to be unprepared in her work, and the same is true in meeting with a client, which is why Dynamic Meeting Prep is Linda’s favorite strategy.
  • A potential client’s business always has important area-specific language that they use that you should know.
  • It’s amazing how much companies have on their website and what you can learn by doing some research. Those insights are invaluable during a meeting, and preparing for a meeting pays dividends when you land the business because then you have a huge head start.
  • Everybody prepares for delivery meetings but rarely do people prepare for the initial meeting.
  • You can’t prepare for the first meeting at a dinner before the meeting day. Research is crucial. Make preparation a priority and get the team strategy outlined ahead of time.
  • Your team needs to show the client that they are seamless, working together and solving the client’s problems.
  • Figure out what your goal for the meeting is, what the frame for the meeting is and how to kick it off, what the big questions that might be asked, natural next steps, and potential cliffhangers you can use to get the next meeting.
  • Being direct can be a challenge but being authentic about the fact that you want to simply be helpful is the best approach.
  • Be ready to discuss what the client wants to discuss. The more prepared you are in advance, the easier it will be to switch gears and the more comfortable you will be.



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