Favorite Business Development Strategy with John Tigh and Mo Bunnell

Mo asks John Tigh: What is your favorite science, step, or strategy from the GrowBIG Training or the Snowball System?

  • John has been involved in the Snowball System for a long time and the Gravitas Model is a strategy that he uses every single day.
  • It’s the perfect framework for taking any conversation where you want to go. It has an incredible level of flexibility and imparts a character to your conversation that people can’t help but enjoy. It also gives you the ability to keep the conversation going.
  • When you ask great questions, you get a triple win. With the way the Gravitas Model is designed, they light up the pleasure center of the other person’s mind when they are sharing their personal perspective, you learn their priorities in their words, and the questions highly correlate to likability. The more they talk and the less you talk, the more the other person will like you.
  • John’s perfect buyer is in the C-Suite or someone dealing with content creation. During a conversation with his perfect buyer, John would talk about what they have in common, the challenges they experienced in the past, and their current role and their current projects.
  • Typically, the goal for each meeting is to secure the next meeting.
  • By addressing the base level mechanical questions, John can take a conversation up to higher level vision-based goals. He often asks people how calm the seas are and what they think the future holds, with a hook at the end about any questions that John didn’t ask but should have.
  • John is always looking for an opportunity to offer value in some way or to make a connection or introduction for the other person in an effort to secure the next meeting. The framework is simply built around looking for ways to make the other person look good.
  • Once you get the Gravitas Model in your bones, it really does help every kind of conversation, whether that’s spoken or written.



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