Your Growth Guide: Fake It Till You Make It With Molly Fletcher

Fake It Till You Make It With Molly Fletcher

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Molly Fletcherthe Sports Agent turned Keynote Speaker and Author.

Mo asked Molly:

“What’s your best advice on how business professionals with one foot in delivery and one foot in growth can grow their book of business, grow their relationships, and grow their career?”

Molly responded:

“For me, one of the things I believe is you have to act like you have the business before you have the business. In other words, you have to behave in a way that sends a message to the people that you want to work with and work for and that you want to serve. If this relationship matters so much to me. I’m actually going to start behaving in a way like you’re my client before you say go.

I think oftentimes when we do this, we send powerful messages. As an agent, I recruited around 300 athletes, coaches, and broadcasters in a business where there are more agents than athletes to represent. So you had to behave in a way that let them know that, “you matter to me,” And when we do that, we send a powerful message.

I think along the way, I think we also from a business development perspective, have to remember that most of the time inside of these moments, conversations, relationships, and pitches, people are thinking this. I think they are thinking, “Do I like you?”, “Can you help me?”, and “Do I trust you?”

At the end of the day, that’s what’s going through their head and we want to make sure that inside of these conversations, that they can say yes to every single one of those questions.”

Mo followed up with a question that prompted the discussion of what you can do to make them like you, show that you can help them, and show them you can be trusted.

Molly responded:

You know I think it starts first with curiosity. I think in each and every one of these conversations we’ve got to be remarkably curious because when we are curious we can discover the gaps in their world.

If we truly ask great questions and we really listen, then what we would want to do is take that information and we can lean into it to try and add value in a way that is certainly authentic and demonstrates to them that we care. People like us when we help them and make their world better right? I think we can do that over time.”

Dive deeper into the conversation with Molly Fletcher here.

You have to behave in a way that sends a message to the people you want to work with and for, that the relationship matters so much to you that you behave like they are your client already. Think about how you can shape your relationships with that mentality in mind.

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