The Mindset You Need to Have When Having the Money Talk

This week on Real Relationships Real Revenue, we are talking all about money. In this episode, we are diving into the topic of money mindset. How you talk about money matters. Many people wilt when it comes to the money conversation. It’s so important that you’re engaged when you talk about money and how great your work is with confidence.

Topics We Cover in This Episode:

  • Auditing how you talk about money
  • Why bad experiences outweigh good experiences
  • The importance of speaking with confidence about money

You are the expert.  You know what clients can do and what they can’t do. You should have the same level of confidence when you talk about your expertise as you do when you talk about money.

Bring up your pricing just like you do with everything else. Hold your shoulders back, use a calm tone, and just be confident.

Make sure to check out the Baumeister study. It’s classic peer-reviewed literature, and it’s really powerful stuff.

Resources Mentioned: Read the Baumeister study

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