Do the Unexpected to Drive Curiosity

Today we’re talking about how to add value to your interactions with clients when there’s nothing to really purchase in the moment. Reliability is important, but sometimes going the extra mile is worth more.

Do things without asking. It could be as small as a handwritten note. And because of that small extra effort, that small unexpected gesture, you will add value to yourself in the eyes of your client because they associate you with going above and beyond!

This episode will cover things like:

  1. Using the unexpected to drive curiosity
  2. Adding value to your interactions with others
  3. Creating enjoyable experiences

Incorporating this “Do the Unexpected” principle into your interactions with other people will help to build your business relationships and encourage loyalty.

If you enjoyed listening today, tune in to the next episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue where we’ll be wrapping up our series on using curiosity to advance your business!

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