Crush Your Business Growth Strategy By Avoiding Asking Prospects These Questions

Research has shown that for commonly used skills, we drastically overestimate our abilities. In one particular study, people’s average percentile ability in the test skill was 12%, but they rated themselves on average at 62%.

Asking great questions is the lynchpin.

Earned dogmatism is a mental heuristic that says that the more we view ourselves as an expert in an area, the more close minded we become.

The skills of curiosity and learning that got us our expertise wane over time unless we fight against the tendency. If you want to continue deepening relationships, you need to fight earned dogmatism by asking more questions instead of always talking about answers all the time.

Wake up every morning and try to think you don’t know everything about your craft so you’re open to continuing to learn. If you can walk into every conversation with the beginner’s mind, you have a chance to grow your skills and keep getting better.


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