Your Growth Guide: Creating Value For Your Clients With Sandy Lutton

Creating Value For Your Clients With Sandy Lutton

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Sandy Lutton, CEO of designing influencers and in charge of running all revenue growth for a speaker’s bureau.

Mo prompts Sandy with a question about how to fight through insecurities and be helpful to clients.

Sandy responded:

“So part of it is understanding what value you can bring and what are your strengths. I’m a firm believer in that you have to have a compelling reason to pick up the phone and call a prospect. You have to have a compelling reason to send them an email. It’s understanding what values you bring in this moment, in this part of the process. Just to give you an example, when I was working for one of the big accounting firms, I spent a lot of time with CFOs, they were my prospects. Of course here I am, a business development person, and they are thinking of me in that way. They are like oh we don’t want to hear from another business development person. What I learned quickly is that CFOs, accountants, IT consultants, is that relationship building wasn’t necessarily their comfort zone. However, it was important for them to be able to build relationships with their counterparts. So, to be able to bounce ideas off of other CFOs or be able to bounce ideas off of other system engineers. What I did is figure out that I could create a forum for them to do that. A very casual and informal forum. I ended up having a little CFO network and none of these were actual clients. I would bring in clients from time to time, but they are all prospects, and we would meet once a month, on a Monday night at a wine and bar because it was half-priced wine night… It was a perfect opportunity for them to just talk to one another. I am that person that is bringing them all together, and I am showing them value that I understand what they need and that they needed this forum. Otherwise they wouldn’t have attended. It became a big hit. As a matter of fact, at one point it had different CFOs calling me asking, “How can I get involved in this.”

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Sandy created an informal CFO network for prospects she was working on building relationships with. This kind of value group is a great resource for the prospects and naturally leads to the prospects wanting to do business for you.

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