Creating Strategic Partnerships with Jonathan Reckford and Mo Bunnell

By Mo Bunnell

Jonathan Reckford shares his incredible experiences at the helm of Habitat for Humanity and how he’s helping to change the world by creating strategic partnerships with other organizations, and how it all starts with building relationships first. Find out how the CEO of Habitat for Humanity, one of the biggest non-profit organizations in the world, can still make time each month to work on his Protomoi List and why aligning a potential partner’s desire for impact with your goals is a great foundation to build a valuable long-term relationship on.

Mo asks Jonathan Reckford: When did you realize you wanted to grow something big and make an impact?

Mo asks Jonathan Reckford: What's your personal definition of growth?

Mo asks Jonathan Reckford: What’s your favorite science, step, or story from GrowBIG Training or the Snowball System?

Mo asks Jonathan Reckford: Tell us a development or growth story that you're really particularly proud of.

Mo asks Jonathan Reckford: You get to magically record a video and send it back to your younger self with some advice. What do you say?

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