Communication Style: How to Win Over Analytical Thinkers

When you’re dealing with a high analytical thinker, you should get to the point. To know someone is an analytical thinker, they are often brief and to the point and focus more on the numbers.

Make it clear that your solution is the highest ROI option available. You may not know what else they are looking at but you can make it very clear about how much money they will save or how much value they will get, and present your price with confidence.

Make it clear to talk about outcomes and pricing and have a great ROI, and you will win.

In terms of flexing into this space, it’s not about being ridiculously precise. It’s more about the way you talk than the exact numbers.

Discuss things in numbers, KPIs, outcomes, and fee structures. As long as you’re discussing logic and numbers with analytical thinkers, you’re going to win the day.


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