Closing Deals by Understanding the Major Steps of the Perfect Buy-in Process with Mo Bunnell

There is an optimal order for how we like to buy.

Step one is listening and learning. Break the ice, then quickly flip the conversation to the other person.

As a buyer, you want to feel heard, and like the person on the other side of the table, understand the unique needs in your situation.

You want to avoid beginning by talking about yourself because that triggers the fight-or-flight response most people have when being sold to.

Step two is create curiosity. Find a way to be helpful that creates curiosity around going deeper.

Step three is build everything together. People buy into what they help create.

Talk about the basic steps of what it would be like were they to hire you to solve their problem. By engaging them in the process of solving their problem, you get the advantage of incremental buy-in.

If you create a proposal without the prospect’s feedback, the only feedback they can give you is negative.

Step four is gain approval and get the final yes to the project.

You want to avoid selling and skipping straight to yourself and your presentation. If you can construct a buying experience that starts with the other side, you will have far more success.



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