Cannon Carr on Selling versus Solving – Time To Get Great At Business Development

Mo asks Cannon Carr: When did you realize that business development was great?

  • There was not one moment, but a story stands out in particular for Cannon. When his father was retiring from the firm he was working at, he told him that he was a great analyst but not a great salesperson, and if he wanted to succeed, he would need to figure that out.
  • When a professional services firm reaches a certain revenue threshold, the same things that got them to that point won’t help grow past it. Simply hiring a rainmaker won’t necessarily solve the problem.
  • You need a broader team working towards business development to tap a broader network to grow a firm.
  • The real mindset shift that unlocks the power of business development is “Are you selling, or are you helping to solve problems?”
  • Take the sales hat off and integrate yourself into your client’s lives. Understand what their problems are, and if you can be alongside them during the inevitable transitions in their life, you can deepen the relationship. It’s about relevancy and solving problems. The sales and referrals will come naturally out of that.
  • Life has transitions that create challenges along the way. Cannon helps his clients with a wealth plan that keeps their legacy and lifestyle intact.

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