Building Stronger Teams: A Deep Dive into Team Habits with Best-Selling Author Charlie Gilkey

By Alexa Ward

We all have teams. We all have team habits. In this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue, I sat down with Charlie Gilkey, the expert in team habits! Charlie is the author of the book Team Habits and he’s here to help us understand how truly impactful good internal and external team habits can be. Don’t let the simplicity of team habits fool you into thinking that you don’t need to prioritize it.  Charlie’s showing us how to lean into interpersonal power and co-agency and work better together going forward.


Topics We Cover in This Episode:


The difference between individual habits and team habits

The three dimensions of power at work

The 8 different types of team habits

How to improve your client team habits

The ripple effect of changing team habits

Why your relationships are key to creating habits that work

Tips for coming together to find out what works

The core team habits that truly matter

Growth activities that can improve our internal team habits

The right way to do goal-setting

Why everything leads back to making an impact

How to use a Media Map to create habits for where to communicate

Ways to make sure you’re always on the path to excellence


I hope you enjoyed learning about team habits with Charlie! Remember, what's more important than whether you have alignment and everybody agrees on everything is whether you get together as a team and figure out how to get in alignment.


If you want to take the Team Habits quiz or learn more about creating team habits, head over to


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