Building a Growth Mindset with Molly Bloom, Who Aaron Sorkin’s Movie ‘Molly’s Game’ is About

By Alexa Ward

Have you read the book or seen the movie Molly’s Game? In this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue, I sat down with Molly Bloom. She is sharing how at only 24 years old, she built up a hugely successful book of business by leveraging the power of authentic relationships. She truly blasted through her fear in a way that I think any of us could be inspired by.


Topics We Cover in This Episode:


How Molly overcame such great adversity in her life

The opportunity Molly was presented with and how she created a business with it

How Molly learned about making genuine connections with other humans

The power of a giving mindset

Why the way you make people feel is so important

The impact of effective presence

Why taking notes on people you meet is so important

How you can grow massively over your competition

Focusing on integrity over short-term gain

How breaking her own rules led to Molly losing everything

What Molly learned about integrity from her experiences


Integrity is the ultimate edge, and Molly is such a good example of that. She truly shows the power of building authentic relationships and focusing on giving rather than receiving.


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