Brent Atkins’ Favorite Business Development Strategy

Mo asks Brent Atkins: What is your favorite science, step, or story from the GrowBIG training or Snowball System?

  • Brent’s first favorite teaching is the walk around the brain. The science of how different people think is unbelievably valuable and creating a presentation that touches on all four quadrants is very effective.
  • For Progyny, that looks like recognizing that the appeal of their program changes from Red/Yellow to Green/Blue as they move up the continuum of decision makers has been game changing.
  • The four quadrants being strategic, practical, analytical, and relational.
  • For Progyny, Strategic looks like finding ways to improve an organization’s benefit spend that adds value and speaks to diversity and inclusion initiatives. It’s about listening to the organization’s priorities and tailoring the offer to that.
  • For Practical, Progyny has been in business for seven years now and has a retention of 99%, so they have been changing their story from the cutting edge solution to the safe choice for organizations.
  • People don’t buy Progyny for the dollar benefits, although that is important. They buy for the experience of helping people create families.
  • Progyny focuses on creating the story for an organization that gets them to mentally buy in before dealing with the analytical aspects.
  • You do not have to be a commodity. So many professionals get into a race to the bottom about pricing because they don’t talk about it properly.
  • Managing the metrics associated with the business development process is critically important to the success of the organization.
  • You have to create the curiosity to create the need. Once you create the need you create the story. Once you create the story and ask for a couple pieces of information, you build your model. When you follow that process, you will have a much higher closing rate.

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