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Hi, this is Mo Bunnell, your business development expert and author of “The Snowball System: How to Win More Business and Turn Clients into Raving Fans”. Have you ever felt like you’re alone when it comes to business development and your activities? You’re sort of off on your own, figuring out what to do off on your own, figuring out how to handle a sticky issue when it comes to business development with a potential prospect, or off on your own trying to know what the next right step is. Well, in this video, what I’m gonna do is describe a specific resource that we’ve got that can help you through this. And at the end, I’ll describe sort of a secret that I’m finding the most successful people are doing to be great at business development.

Here’s the resource. If you’ve already got “The Snowball System”, you’ll know there’s a sort of a secret area that you can download a couple dozen different worksheets that can help you be successful. Well, we just added another one. Now this was not out when we released the book. So if you’ve got the book, uh, go back to that area that is where that URL that’s listed many times in the book that tells you where to go for worksheets.

And there’s a new resource for you. And we’ve called it a book club guide, but this is what it is and how you can use. This is a series of questions that we’ve written that you can use to go back through the book with a group or by yourself and actually execute it in a much deeper way, because we’ve put a lot of thought into figuring out what questions you should ask yourself so that you can get the most out of the book. Here’s some simple ones. What’s your why? Why are you doing business development? Why are you focused on getting better at it? Um, what analytics?

Second one. What analytics do you need to know if you’re successful?

Third. What rituals do you need to know that you can plug in your calendar to keep business development top of mind, even when you’re busy.

And the last one, and here’s the sort of the secret one. Who can you partner with to make sure that you’re doing the right things, that they can help you retain your accountability, and somebody that you can go to when you’re stuck. Happens all the time. I get stuck daily, and I’ve got a couple people that I can call and I can say, “Hey, what would you do about this? Hey, how would you handle this particular issue?” Getting unstuck is one of the most important things about business development because there’s a lot of creativity to it. And having somebody that has gone through the book or through our Grow BIG training classes that knows the same system that you can bounce ideas off of, and also that can hold your hold you accountable for whatever goals or activities that you’ve committed to.

That can be really, really powerful. To be successful. And, that’s the secret I’ve seen people do that are the most successful. They’ve got somebody alongside them that’s in a similar place in their business development career that’s holding them accountable and helping them get unstuck when they need to be. And that just makes the whole thing fun. So go and grab that book club reader’s guide whether you’re in a group or on your own, or just pairing with somebody else. Those questions can really help you take things to the next level and take your business development expertise up a notch.

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