Asking Great Questions That Work Hand In Hand With Your Business Growth Strategy

By Mo Bunnell

Asking great questions gets you a triple win. The first being it creates an enjoyable experience for the other side. When people share information only they know (self-disclosing information), the pleasure center of their brain lights up.

The second win is that you also become more likable. As people answer great questions, talking more while you talk less, the more they associate you with feeling great.

The third win is that it allows you to become unique in the mind of the buyer. As they begin sharing, you are going to learn their priorities in their words. Being able to talk about what you do in the context of the other person’s goals and priorities is way more effective.

When at all possible, avoid going first. If you have to, make your intro brief and shift quickly to asking the other person about their goals. People are dying to share their perspective, give that opportunity to them.

You’re going to win the meeting if the other person talks more than you do.

Avoid showing up with a big and clunky Powerpoint, focusing on you. Get to the other person as quickly as possible and offer ways to be helpful.


Mentioned in this Episode:

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