Andrew Robertson’s Favorite Business Development Strategy with Mo Bunnell

Mo asks Andrew Robertson: What is your favorite science, step, or story from the GrowBIG Training or Snowball System?

  • Writing down the seven relationships that are the most important to growing the business was a technique that changed the way Andrew thought about business development.
  • Andrew has a lot of great relationships with CEOs in various other businesses, but a lot of them didn’t start out at the top. Those relationships were nurtured over time with people that moved up in their organizations or moved around in their industry.
  • Think about how you got into your position and where people are right now that you can connect with.
  • When asked to list our most important relationships, we tend to think of our best current relationships by default, but that’s the wrong approach. We should think about the relationships that will have the most impact on our business first.
  • The number seven forces you to make choices and really identify those relationships that will move the needle.
  • Your list should contain people you have a relationship with, people you don’t know but would like to have a relationship with, and the people you need to have a relationship with who won’t necessarily send you business directly but can help you find it elsewhere.
  • You only have a limited amount of time, so you need to be clear on your priorities, not just around what you do but who the most important people are.
  • Create a shortlist and give yourself a short timeframe to connect and advance the relationship with those people. If someone is not going to make an impact, it’s better to figure that out in three months rather than three years.
  • Be thoughtful. Sit on the other side of the desk and empathize with the person you’re trying to build a relationship with.



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