GrowBIG Playbook: Advanced Technique: Your #1 Metric To Track In 2022

What’s On My Mind

TONS of good feedback from last week’s article!

This week…

We take things HNL.

Hole Nutha Level.

(I’m not sure why that cracks me up, but it does.)

OK, last week we talked about the #1 Metric I want you to track.

This week we’ll add an advanced technique.

Quick recap of last week, with full article HERE:

  • The #1 Metric I want you to track is called the GrowBIG Index.
  • GrowBIG Index = Last year’s revenue you brought in ÷ Last year’s hours invested in true BD activities.
  • Our brains love numbers–this is the one number that tracks your overall BD efficiency, your effective hourly value in the marketplace.
  • There’s no right or wrong answer and…if you measure this, you’ll improve it.
  • This is great to know as an individual and even better to calculate, share and discuss as a team.

Weekly newsletter plot twist!

It’s funny story time.

One of our community of readers wrote back this week with a funny story about his GrowBIG Index. (Thanks Jeff!)

He calculated his GrowBIG Index and shared it his with his wife.

She quickly figured hers out and laughed out loud…hers was much higher!

I’m sure that’ll give her lots of material to rib Jeff for weeks.

(And maybe he’s more motivated than ever!)

OK, back to our article.

So what’s the advanced technique?

Because the measure is retrospective, we can got HNL by adding a future focus to it.

It’s an estimate for sure, but a powerful one.

Get ready. You’re about to get your official Deputy Actuary badge. (I hear they’re raking it in on eBay.)

Seriously though, here we go.

2022 Potential Revenue Brought In =

2021 GrowBIG Index * 2022 Estimated BD Hours.

Notice what we did there.

We used 2021 BD hours to calculate your historical 2021 GrowBIG Index.

But used 2022 BD hours to look forward!

Now, this assumes you can keep the same BD effectiveness per hour next year, the same “growth pace” going forward.

I get that might be hard if you’re adding a LOT of new BD hours.

But I’ve found that people can actually add more BD hours and improve their GrowBIG Index in a year if they’re laser focused on improvement.

Let’s play this out with Jeff’s funny story above.

Let’s say Jeff’s 2021 GrowBIG Index was $10,000/hour.

I personally know he’s always focused on improvement, always getting more effective.

So I think he can add BD hours and keep or even improve his GrowBIG Index in 2022.

So let’s be conservative for now and just keep his GrowBIG Index at the same $10,000/hour going forward, using the formula from above.

And let’s say his BD hours in 2021 were 500.

That means he brought in $5,000,000 last year.

If he can free up 100 hours of things that are less valuable than $10,000/hour by automating, eliminating or delegating, we’d use our handy formula:

2022 Potential Revenue Brought In =

2021 GrowBIG Index * 2022 Estimated BD hours

To get this:

2022 Potential Revenue Brought In =

$10,000/hour * 600 estimated BD hours =


I know Jeff and I know he can improve like that.

You can too.

It assumes Jeff is can free up ~ 2 hours a week to find 100 hours. He just needs to find 100 hours of things he’s doing that’s less valuable than $10,000 an hour.

Can’t we all do that?

We’ve done this exercise with 1000s of class participants and GrowBIG Index numbers can be as high as $50,000 an hour.

Two hours a week can mean a lot!

Whatever your GrowBIG Index is, I guarantee you’re doing 100 hours a year of something that’s less valuable than your value in the marketplace.

OK, now let’s have some mathemagical fun.

Let’s say Jeff can add those couple hours each week and improve his GrowBIG Index to $12,500/hour next year.

He can bring in $7,500,000.

1.5x last year!

Fantastic results!

So the trick is pretty simple:

  • Calculate your GrowBIG Index so you know you’re worth.
  • Have your specific number in mind because it’s so much more valuable than vague notions like “My time is worth a lot.”
  • Shed everything possible that’s less valuable than your GrowBIG Index.

I’ll show you how below…

But for now, here’s someone that goes HNL every year.

The person who climbs faster than anyone I know.



What We Just Created

Who is it?

Bonneau Ansley.

Everyone in my hometown of Atlanta knows Bonneau.

You might not.

But you should.

Get this.

There are 1,000,000+ residential real estate agents in the US.

Bonneau is personally in the top 10.

That’s means he’s in the top .001%!

That’s hard to wrap your mind around. It’s easier to know he’s literally #1 in the entire southeast US.

Here’s more.

He’s open about how he struggled in school.

He’s got ADHD. He’s massively dyslexic. He lost most of his net worth in the 2008 financial collapse.

And his entire home has burnt to the ground with all his family’s possessions inside.

Yet Bonneau revinvented himself every time, finding a way to thrive.

And Bonneau has tackled the hardest BD challenge–he’s scaled beyond himself.

He built his agency from his single small team to 200+ agents in a just a few years.

People follow Bonneau.

And Bonneau talks through how he’s done it in these short interviews on the show.

Click these to learn…

How Bonneau reinvents himself (including the fire story!)

How Bonneau builds his network and talks about his services.

Bonneau’s favorite method from our work together.

Bonneau sharing what keeps him motivated even when it’s hard (be sure to stay through to the end on this one, it just keeps getting better and deeper as we go.)

Even with all his success, the advice Bonneau would share with his younger self.

Bonneau is one of the most inspiring people I know, and it’s rare we get a peek into how such a high performer thinks about BD and growth.

Loved this interview!

What’s Worth Lingering On

Bonneau inspires m with his frequent reinvention.

He ruthlessly guards his time.

He knows what’s hard for him.

And he knows what he’s great at.

One thing is clear to me from getting to know Bonneau.

Bonneau says No.

And he says No a lot.

That reminds me of a quote from Warren Buffet:

The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.

Love those last two works: almost everything.

If you want to get great at growth, you have to focus on it.

You have to say No to things that are less valuable than your GrowBIG Index.

Here’s an exercise on how you can do it

We cover this in our GrowBIG trainings.

It’s called a To Don’t List.

Super simple directions, which you can do right now on a scrap piece of paper:

  1. Write down everything you’re doing that’s worth less than your GrowBIG Index.
  2. Add up the hours you can save per year by removing yourself as much as possible from these.
  3. Get out of all that stuff so you can focus on growth.

That’s your To Don’t List.

And man, it’s enlightening.

I do this once a quarter, and I always find things to remove.

Every. Single. Quarter.

I’m always amazed at the things that creep into my life.

It’s especially powerful to do this around the first of the year, like now.

I did this with a class of amazing insurance company sales and account manager leaders last week and their results ranged between 200 and 800 hours a year they can free up.

200 to 800!

That’s almost half a year for some people.

Looking at your 2021 GrowBIG Index, your 2022 revenue estimate and your To Don’t List at the same time is really powerful.

It’s an advanced technique that can completely change the trajectory of your 2022.

I’m more convinced than ever that high achievement is actually really simple.

Maybe we call this formula Grow Like Bonneau.

  • Specifically calculate and know your BD value in the marketplace. That’s your GrowBIG Index.
  • Shed everything that’s less valuable than that.
  • Continually improve your GrowBIG Index and # of BD hours invested in the marketplace.

That pairing of efficiency (GrowBIG Index) and volume (number of BD hours in the marketplace) is powerful.

It measures your leverage and your effort.

Your efficiency and volume.

Your power and thrust.

Where you’re at.

And where you want to go.

This is a time of year to be excited.

And I’m really excited for this community.

For you.​​


ps. Can’t say it enough–these exercises are really good to go through as a team. Add these exercises to your next meeting.​pps.  Thanks to Jeff for the inspiration along with Kelly and Todd for the HNL story years ago. I still laugh about HNL!

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