Adding Value, Standing Out in the Crowd, and Making Data-Driven Connections with Ryan Grelecki

Show Notes

In this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue, I sat down with Ryan Grelecki who is one of our top facilitators and coaches! He is here to talk about the areas of our content that he loves the most. He has a different perspective than I do so I know you’re going to love this episode. We are doing a deep dive into ways to bring value to your relationships, the benefits of data analysis, how to set yourself apart from the crowd, and so much more!


Topics We Cover in This Episode:


Our origin story of working together

The power of having multiple different opportunities

Getting intentional about managing your relationships and adding value

How to get past the fear of being annoying

Why something doesn’t have to be perfect to be meaningful

The power of a quick voice message to stand apart

Why you have to track your follow-ups and leverage your data

How to leverage CRMS to help you track your data and reach your goals

Ryan’s pro tips for the MIT process

Staying in touch with younger people to continue learning

Ways to find the time when you’re “too busy”


When it comes to professional development, don’t get caught believing the lies that you are going to be annoying, that you don’t have the time, or that you can’t bring value. Use these tips from Ryan to stay on top of it and reach your goals faster!


I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Ryan. If you loved hearing from him, you can reach out to him at ryan.grelecki@bunnellideagroup.com, connect with him on LinkedIn, and listen to his podcast with Parker!


Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Ryan by email at ryan.grelecki@bunnellideagroup.com

Connect with Ryan on LinkedIn

Here’s a link to the personal CRM app we talked about

Listen to Parker’s podcast

Check out the free course we have on relationships

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