Adding the Emotional Component to Your Relationships and Business with Susan Salgado

By Alexa Ward

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How can you really improve your customer or client experience?


In this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue, I sat down with Susan Salgado. Susan has a PhD in organizational psychology and she focuses on customer or client experience. We will dive into some exciting things about client experience, your associate or employee experience, and how they're intertwined. And we're going to talk about things at a strategic level like how to make this a true differentiator. Plus, we're going to talk about it at a tactical level, so we’re sharing things you can put in place right away to achieve greater success.


Topics We Cover in This Episode:


  • The power of a customer's emotional experience

  • The best icebreaker for building relationships

  • Top tips for finding commonalities with people

  • The three things a client needs from you

  • How to get better at client and employee experience

  • The three ways that toxic workplaces are formed

  • Why employees need to feel seen and valued by their supervisors

  • How we can show our team members that they have our attention

  • How the quality of working relationships has changed since the pandemic

  • Why we have to remember that we are the same people at work as we are at home


I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Susan. It’s so important that we remember that in order to build deeper relationships with those around us, whether it’s our team members or clients, we need to understand that they are people and we care about them as a whole.


If you’d like to learn more from Susan, you can find her website here. You can also find her on LinkedIn. 


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