Accountability Partners: Running Towards Success

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

An amazing client and friend of mine once told me a compelling story.

If you want to make sure you do something, get an Accountability Partner.

Someone to learn alongside.

​Someone to share your goals withand ask you if you did them.

​Someone to get in your grill if you don't--and celebrate with you if you do.

Accountability Partners accelerate results.

Here's the story he told me.

​Let's say two people are at a conference staying at the same hotel. You both want to get up early and go for a run.

Level One: Most people don't have an accountability partner. They're going to hit snooze.

​Maybe 10% of people run.

Level Two: Two people might say, "let's meet in the lobby at 6 am." The problem? You could still miss, and the other person can run.

​Maybe 60% of people run.

Level Three: After deciding when you'll meet in the lobby, you each take the other person's running shoes with you to your room.

​100% success!


The other person is relying on you to show up.

​This switches the paradigm from I need to do something to they need my help to do something.

​That's the power of Accountability Partners.

​Choose an Accountability Partner, then:​

​Do that week over week.

Do it for yourself.

Do it for the other person.

What's Worth Revisiting

Did you know we created a Snowball System Reader's Guide?


​This is perfect for Accountability Partners and other small groups to read The Snowball System and discuss implementing the sure-fire science and steps.

​Oh yeah, and it's good for individuals too!

What's Worth Lingering On

Accountability Partners and similar small groups can really drive growth.

​Growth in personal development.

​Growth in books of business and relationships.

And growth in results.

Ask yourself...

Who should you swap your running shoes with?