4 Communication Styles: How to Win Over Relational Thinkers

For high Relational/Red thinkers, you’re going to hear a lot of questions around trust and connectivity.

Relational decision-makers are looking for answers to three questions: Do I trust you personally? Do I trust your team is going to make my team better? Do I trust that you are going to deliver an amazing result for everyone involved?

Prioritize showing and building trust in those three ways.

Do things that are trustworthy. Share what you’re not good at or what you won’t do as part of the project if someone else would be better, and guide them to the right investment.

Play the long game at every turn and communicate to them that you have their back, and you will help them achieve their goals.

The biggest opportunities to build trust are when there is not something to purchase.

Stay in touch in the off-season and invest in the relationship even when there is no commercial opportunity. If you can do that and be helpful all the time, not just when you’re being paid, you are going to always be the first consideration.

Mentioned in this Episode: Mark Harris’ Favorite Business Development Strategy – podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/real-relationships-real-revenue-video-edition/id1511029567?i=1000553415818 

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